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I was born in Lancaster, Ohio.  And moved to Columbus, Ohio when I was 12 years old.  I graduated from North High School, and attended Columbus College of Art and Design.  In 1973 my husband,  our children and I moved to Florida.  My husband and I continue to live in the same house in Florida where we all started out 37 years ago. It's been a real experience!
I became a serious writer in the early 1980s. I began as a freelance writer/photographer for The West Pasco Press Newspaper, and eventually wrote for The Suncoast News Newspaper--both publications are Tampa Tribune newspapers.  I cut my teeth writing mainly feature stories about people within the community.  I loved every minute of it until one day I was assigned to interview a local porcelain doll artist.  I was extremely taken by this beautiful art and took a leap of faith in 1992 by submitting to Dolls Magazine a profile on another local doll artists' work.  When it was accepted and published in January 1993, I began to take steps in another direction.  Soon I gave up my newspaper work and moved on to magazine work. Once smitten, I began writing for many of the collectible doll and toy publications. Over the years I have written close to 200 articles on people in the doll world.

Blue Book, Turning

Comments About The Books
Vacation for Desire:  Laced with ribbons of real-life romance, this is the kind of story you lean into, wanting to hear more, to know more.  Vacation for Desire brings you into the world of a woman whose love-life problems are so authentic you want to give her a call, stop by after work, do lunch.   It captivates in a delicious way, through a kind of sweetness that reminds readers of their own secret longings and wishes.   Filled with thoughtful compassion and feeling,  Linda White-Francis writes with soul and purpose.  A wonderful read, anytime of the day or night.    d.a.e. in arizona
Sweet Wishes Hot Dishes:   Truly a smorgasbord of romance and all its epi-curious delights.  Something for everyone, anytime.  The variety of writers and their unique voices lends a mystery to each novella, providing just the right amount of intrigue to whet the appetite.     d.a.e. in arizona
----- Dear Linda, Just got your book today. I read your story and really loved it! I tried to call you, but there was no answer. The ending was a surprise.
                                  Love, Nancy
 I just can't say it enough, Linda; I'm so proud of you!  You're an amazing writer and friend.

And got the book and just finished reading!
My first question is where can I get that perfume Terri wears?!!!!!
and must tell you I truly enjoyed.  I've gotten so one minded in my reading it was a true delight and I found myself smiling the whole way through.  Just wonderful!
Keep me up on all your'e doing - you've got a new fan!
Caroline B.

I shared your story with a friend in Tennessee.  He wants to learn more about Teri and David and wants to know if you plan to write a sequel beginning with the romantic cruise and ending with a happily-ever-after?
HOOOOLLLLYYYY  MOLEY!  I just finished the book and whee I need a cold shower!!!!  The kids came home yesterday, so today I sent them off to their rooms with the little ones, so I could read in silence!!!  Darn-it, I LOVE that story and absolutely can't wait to read the sequel!!!!!!!!!  Gimmee Gimmeeeeee!  It brought me back to when my husband and I met and kissed in the theater parking lot for who knows how long while people screamed "GET A ROOM!" LOL  I smiled all through it and was totally there!!  Wow woman, you are GOOOOOOD! 
L. T.
As a lover of romance novels, I am pleased to have had the opportunity to read "Vacation For Desire".
The story transported me to special place and time from my past.  As we age; newly discovered feelings of love and romance have a way of becoming just a dim memory.
"Vacation For Desire" was able to rekindle old feelings buried deep inside about a similar event which took place in my life many many years ago.
Linda White-Francis provided me with a mini-vacation with the story she created.  A big thank you goes out to her for putting this story in print and conjuring up delightful memories for me. 
V Fox

hey, i just finished reading your story.  it was fabulous!!  loved it all the way through,esp.  how it ended.   great job!!  i really enjoyed it.  keep em coming!!  love, me

Flying Geese
This reminds me of the beautiful skies over the beaches on the west coast of Florida. When my children were small we would often go to the beach, and loved to irritate the sunbathers by feeding the seagulls.
by: Linda White-Francis
March, 1984
We took the kite to the beach to fly.
We watched it climb and saw it soar.
Like our dreams so many years before,
When life was a brand new kite against a sailor's sky.
I wrote this for my son Matthew, a little boy at the time.  We actually did take a kite to the beach and flew it out over the Gulf of Mexico.

I am interested in the paranormal, believe in UFO's and love to watch shows about ghosts, or UFO sightings.  I am writing a novella about a widow whose husband comes back from the dead and interupts her new relationship with an old high school beau.

I have the best job in the world.  I work at home which means I get to select my own hours.  If I feel like it I can stay in my nightclothes all day if I wish, but I don't.  The main drawback about working at home is the phone; I love to talk. I actually like to do house work too, and if in the mood I will spend many hours restoring antiques or doing original crafts such as hand sewing penny rugs, making quaint curtains or baby blankets and crocheted items.  I adore thrift stores and have garnered so many real treasures shopping at these little hidden jewels. 

My favorite movie of all time is Picnic with William Holden and Kim Novak, next is Somewhere In Time with Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour,  Bridges of Madison County with Clint Eastwood and Meryl Streep and lastly Same Time Next Year with Allen Alda and Ellen Burstyn.

One of my favorite songs is by Bobby Darin from 1959-60 (not sure) called Dream Lover.  It is such a romantic song, and reminds me of some of the best days of my youth.

My favorite singer today is Nora Jones.  I especially enjoy the song DON'T KNOW WHY in her CD "Come Away With Me".  Another  CD-- Born and in particular  the haunting song"Jet-Look What You've Done" is wonderful. This song is a theme song in two movies I 've seen lately: "Butterfly Effect" and "Looks A Lot Like Love" both entertaining movies especially "Looks A Lot Like Love" both movies starred the same male lead Ashton Kutcher. 
I have always enjoyed anything Barbra Streisand, Sonny and Cher and The Beach Boys too.  As a teen of the mid- 50s/ 60s Rock 'n Roll was powerful and Rick Nelson, Pat Boone and ELVIS will always be at the top of my list of favorite performers of this time. I remember seeing Ricky Nelson in person at The Ohio State Fairgrounds in 1957. We were so close I could look up into his incredibly blue eyes with the longest black lashes you have ever seen.   I saw country singer Johnny Cash that same summer, and could sense the charm he possessed even then.  He had an ornery, cute twinkle in his eye that I really found appealing. 

The Dolphin's Summer Love Song
At water's edge
She plucked the mercurial
Ebbing on its rocking chair.
As old as time,
As love and sea,
Urchin that she was.
She Swam to him,
And he took her face
Of misty eyes to his,
And kissed her flowing tresses.
Together they became
                    the dolphin's
Summer love song.